Terms Of Use

General Terms Of Use
You are not allowed to take anything from this site and offer on your own for others to take. REDISTRIBUTING of my graphics will NOT be tolorated.
Direct linking is strictly forbidden, unless there is a code provided for you under the image you must save it to your computer and upload it to your own site.
You may NOT remove my link from the codes. I require credit for any of my creations you take from my site.
Nothing on this site may be taken and claimed as your own.
No vulgar, rude, threatening or obscene messages are allowed in any public posting on this web site, doing this will result in a ban and I may just report you to your ISP.

Use Of Bases/Outlines/Lineart
You may not sell what you make with these unless written permission is received from myself and samples of what you did with them are shown.
You are not permitted to take the bases and offer as is.
You may alter them in anyway you wish but you must give me credit no more then one click away from where it is displayed.
You may distribute what you make with them freely but you must link me (see above.)

Fills/Brush Stamps
You may not sell what you make with these unless you get my written permission first.
You may not take them as is and display them anywhere over the web.
You may distribute what you create with them freely as long as you place a credit link no more than one click away from where they are displayed.

If you have any questions about these rules or something that was not covered here don't hesitate to contact me.