06.13.08 |
I have added a few new outlines and I have cleared out some of the old ones that were kind of crappy. Hope you all enjoy!

 06.13.08 |
UPDATE: Terms & Links page has been updated!

I have added 6 bases to the new page of Cartoon Doll Bases. I have also added 4 HD dolls. I am currently redoing the Terms page and the credits page so look for those next update.

 06.12.08 |
UPDATE: The Contact form on the Contact page has been fixed!

I have added a lot of new pixels and rearranged the pixels section a little bit, Soon I will be adding codes to them. I have received a couple complaints about the pop-ups on this site affecting visitor's computers, so I have removed all of them. Please note that the problem was NOT with this site, it was with the pop-ups that were hosted on the advertisers web site. Rest assured they are gone for good!

Here are a few of my newest Pixel Images...

 06.11.08 |
A lot of the revamp is complete. I realize there isn't any new content (aside from the layout) as of right now but a lot of clutter has been removed. There is still a few pages that are undergoing changes but hopefully will be done very soon. I realize there is a lot of old content here but for nostalgic purposes I have decided to leave it here. If you have any suggestions at all for the site please feel free to visit the contact page and send me a message.
 06.10.08 |
New revamp is underway! Sorry for the long delay, alot of things came up and my offline life comes first. I hope you all enjoy the changes to come.

01.03.08 | Comments (2)
I hope everyone had a great New Year! Just wanted you all to know this site is still alive and will be getting a complete face lift soon and tons of new content! So keep an eye out for the revamp as it is just around the corner. Thanks for stopping by!

05.18.07 | Comments (15)
I have added several pages of Comment Glitters that you can find by clicking on Graphics in the menu. Some of them are Graduation, Flirts, Insults, Religious, Funny & many more! Thanks for stopping by!

02.08.07 | Comments (15)
I have added a new page of graphics called Doodles! They are located in the graphics menu.

12.30.06 | Comments (19)
Added a page of New Year's Glitter Graphics. We have also made a brand new Kao-Ani Maker that has replaced the old one. The Doll Makers & Graphic makers have all been moved to the Fun Stuff/Makers section for easier access. 11.17.06 | Comments (22)
Added a page of Icon Templates and added codes to the blinkies.

10.10.06 | Comments (16)
Added a page of adorable Princess Glitters under Graphics.

09.22.06 | Comments (13)
Added 5 pages of MySpace Graphics.

8.25.06 | Comments (13)
Added a page of 32 Candy Stripe Sigs, They are under Graphics. We also added codes to more of the graphics that didn't have them.

7.04.06 | Comments (23)
Added 21 new glitter fills! I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th Of July!

6.26.06 | Comments (17)
New site click here!

6.23.06 | Comments (8)
Added Smileys and Blog Icons under the graphics section.

6.20.06 | Comments (10)
Fixed the Ceejay Doll maker and the Calendars.

5.06.06 | Comments (17)
The forums are down, they will return shortly. The rest of the site, including the doll makers are back.

5.04.06 | Comments (19)
The site and all of its contents are working now except for most of the doll makers. If you see any errors let me know. Thanks!

5.03.06 | Comments (12)
Alot of the site isnt working right now, It will all be fixed within the next few hours.

4.25.06 | Comments (10)
New contest! Win a free domain name, click below for details.

4.21.06 | Comments (26)
The site has been completly redone. Although some parts may not be too obvious the site has been cleaned up and reorganized throughout. Some tutorials have been added and more new content is coming soon!

3.29.06 |
Within the next month the site will be getting a whole new look and it will be easier to navigate and use the site. Check back soon for the redone CarrielynnesWorld.com!

3.28.06 |
Changed the layout to speed up loading time.

3.01.06 |
Added lots of new Sig Fills & Glitter Fills. The menu is a little different now but everything is still there.

2.27.06 |
The new layout is up. I hope you all are enjoying the new year!

12.22.05 |
New layout! This one is just Temporary until I finish the New Year one.

11.26.05 |
Added more Christmas graphics and codes to them all. I also added 3 new flags and codes to all of the flags. The Pink Snow Myspace layout is now fixed and working.

11.17.05 |
No more annoying Pop-Unders! I hope you all enjoy the site alot more now.
All of them should be gone now but if you see one please report it to me and what page you saw it on.

11.07.05 |
New layout! Its a bit boring but I thought it needed a change.

10.23.05 |
New Chat System!

10.06.05 |
New contest! I am giving away a free iPod Mini, Click the button below to find out how to enter...
Click here to enter the contest!

10.02.05 |
No longer need votes for the ipod contest, I just got one today! :D
Leave your comments here for dollmaker suggestions because I am still making more. There is 28 of them I have made and will upload most of them to the site as soon as I get a few finishing touches done on them.

09.28.05 |
Added a bunch of new Halloween graphics and added codes to all of them including the old ones. Also all the dollmakers have been redone and more will be added soon.

09.21.05 |
New Website! www.mycutespace.com It is full of all kinds of things for your MySpace profiles. It is still being worked on but there is already a good selection of things there.

09.15.05 |
Today Is My Birthday!!!

09.12.05 |
Added 6 MySpace Layouts & 8 new Calenders!

09.08.05 |
Added 16 Link Hover codes. Alot of people asked how I made a flashing rainbow come up behind my links so I made a whole page of different ones people can use on their sites and profiles.

09.07.05 |
Added an "Ask Me" page where you can ask me questions. So please do this instead of emailing me questions because this will get you a faster reply and it is easier for me.

09.05.05 |
New Mailing List! Sign up above to recieve important updates about the site and exclusive goodies. Also added Scrollbars.

09.02.05 |
New Topsite list!! Click Here

08.24.05 |
Added 19 Glitter Words on a new page and also added codes to the Glitter Words on both the new page and the old. Also added 33 Icons under MSN & Animated.

08.10.05 |
Added 25 Sparkle Sigs and added codes to them.

08.09.05 |
New Layout!

08.02.05 |
Added 27 New Glitter Fills under Templates.

07.25.05 |
Well I have the reorginized site all up and running now!
I have decided to add the new content in steps so I don't have to shut down the site for any amount of time. As of right now there is a few more Glitter Names, Over 100 Blinkie Templates, Set Templates, New Glitter Images, and alot of other small updates to most of the pages. I have spent over 2 weeks reorginizing the site and allthough you can't see alot of it, it will make updating the site much easier.
I also have a new website at www.thecutestuff.com which is links to all the best sites on the net. It is still under contruction.

07.10.05 |
There is a new bigger and better forum!
Click here for the nw Forum

Wanna make money with your website??

07.08.05 |
Over the next couple weeks I am going to be redoing the entire site, the look itself wont change much but I will be adding LOTS of new content. So there will be a lack up updates until then but the wait will be well worth it!
Wanna make money with your website??

06.29.05 |
Added 40 Glitter Images & four new categories for them.
Click Here to check out my Pixel site!
Wanna make money with your website??

06.14.05 |
New Layout! I also made another site with all the pixel graphics I have made including new ones and other things. Click Here to check it out!
Wanna make money with your website??

05.27.05 |
Added Blinkie Shelves, Layout Templates, & Outlines/Lineart. All three are new categories!
Wanna make money with your website??

05.23.05 |
New Layout & Texas Signs have been added under Graphics!! Also I have 2 new Sister Sites! http://cutespot.pixelbee.net & http://pixelbee.net is the addys! Both are awesome people, go check them out!!!
If you were using a cursor from here and it stopped working please re-copy and paste the code. I had to rename the directory due to a high ammount of theft and people giving them away. To the people who arent reading the rules before they use things from my site READ THEM NOW!!
Wanna make money with your website??

05.15.05 |
New Sister Site! Dollie-Bliss.com, Check it out its a great site and has a really sweet owner.
Wanna make money with your website??

05.13.05 |
Added Cut-out Shapes to the Graphic Template section. There is also new link buttons to choose from. New Layout Coming Soon!
Wanna make money with your website??

04.29.05 |
Added 9 new MSN Icons & 5 new AIM Icons. Also there is 20 new Glitter Fills under Templates.

Wanna make money with your website??

04.21.05 |
Just so you know. I have had alot of people ask me why a background changed on them saying they were a thief. I did not mean to have it change on everyone but the site www.xanga.com/Layouts_Just_For_Yooh was Direct Linking it and giving it away. So if you wanna complain to someone about your background changing, she would be the one you should complain to because she is the reason I changed it because she was direct linking it, giving it away and gave no credit to me whatsoever.
BTW if you did get that background from this site and not the www.xanga.com/Layouts_Just_For_Yooh who stole it you shouldn't have been direct linking it.
I am guessing the people who it changed on got the background from that site.
Wanna make money with your website??

04.19.05 |
I am taking requests for sigs on my Xanga blog.

Thanks to the following people/sites who have donated iTunes codes...

Wanna make money with your website??

04.18.05 |
New Layout! Its nothing great but I wanted to change it and I didn't have a lot of time.

Will Post iTunes donators as soon as I check them...
Wanna make money with your website??

04.15.05 |
Redid the Backgrounds Section & added more. Also fixed broken links. If you find anymore broken links me me know.
New Layout Coming Soon!

Thanks to the following people/sites who have donated iTunes codes...

southern_sweetie18@hotmail.com | Singerchic_4eva@yahoo.com | MrPlayBoyJr | sugababe12124@aol.com | hot_lil_shortie3303@yahoo.com | jhardy@pngusa.net | grumpybear@ix.netcom.com | tickleme2tone69@aol.com | lil_sheltered_girl@hotmail.com | hazel_eyez_4ya@yahoo.com
Wanna make money with your website??

04.09.05 |
Started another site! It is a site dedicated to helping people stop theft of their graphics and bandwidth.
The link is http://wait.carrielynnesworld.com
The official opening of it will be Monday but there is a site listed on it already you should check out.

Thanks to the following people/sites who have donated iTunes codes...
Will Add all links in Next update. Also will be making a page to link everyone who has donated VALID codes.
Wanna make money with your website??

04.01.05 |
Added a bunch of new Cursors!

Thanks to the following people/sites who have donated iTunes codes...
PoeticHealth | PlayboyBunnyButterfly | Sum1sWatchnOvrMe | MySpaceUser
Wanna make money with your website??

03.27.05 |
Happy Easter Everyone!

Thanks to the following people/sites who have donated iTunes codes...
PoeticHealth | MySpaceProfile | LivingDeadBabe911 | Passyhawclan
playboybunnybutterfly, mahoganydymond, pimpinacaddi, drejord, tannerwhite, boycrazy4life05, lilshorty4eva, Softballchickp35, branz04, xotdove09, rubber_ducky_18 &, mikle2457,
Wanna make money with your website??

03.20.05 |
New glitter fills!
Thanks for the iTunes - http://profiles.myspace.com/users/14215861
Wanna make money with your website??

03.17.05 |
New Dollmaker!
Wanna make money with your website??

03.15.05 |
Added Lineart Pixels & Updated the past layouts. There is also Mini Sigs now which are like Pixels with names on them.
Thanks To these people for sending iTunes codes....
Simply_unique, RomanIr**@****.com, ccgentr**@****.net, This Site, chanchan****@****.com & bluedolfin****@****.com
Wanna make money with your website??

03.09.05 |
Another new layout! Added 9 new dividers. The next day you may see a couple broken images in the Glitter Names section because I am redoing them and moving them to a different server. I didn't want to take them all down just to do so. There will be more names and more Words added.
Thanks To these sites for sending iTunes codes....
Also a big Thanks to..
Wanna make money with your website??

03.03.05 |
New layout! Added 5 AIM Icons & 2 new MSN icons.
Wanna make money with your website??

02.24.05 |
Added 8 more enter signs and 10 new quotes.
Wanna make money with your website??

02.21.05 |
If you were using any of the Divider Codes or the Firework Codes prior to today you need to get the code again because they have changed.
Wanna make money with your website??

02.18.05 |
All dividers now have codes!

Vote 4 Me!

02.17.05 |
Been working on alot of things on the site you may not notice. Getting things a bit more in order. There is no longer going to be a Site Of The Month, I just dont have the time for it and it is not popular enough. I will however think of a new contest soon to give out awards for.
If you have noticed any pop-ups on the site you can thank the sites on the "Warning" page. Due to bandwidth issues from direct linkers I have been forced to add them because this site's bandwidth costs alot of money. I have a new image host so check back soon for codes on more things.

Vote 4 Me!

02.09.05 |
Added Italy, Scotland, China, Australia, & Mexico to the "Flags" section.

Vote 4 Me!

02.08.05 |
Added some graphics to the Valentines Day section.

Vote 4 Me!

01.24.05 |
Welcome signs are back up along with a few new ones. All Welcome Signs Now have codes!
Average Unique hits a day have finally reached over 4000! Saturday and Sunday actually broke 5000 unique hits each day. Thanks for visiting everyone!

Vote 4 Me!

01.17.05 |
NEW LAYOUT! Updated some things in the "Me" section & Cleaned out the "Warning" Page.
There is now codes on all of the Welcome Signs and there is 3 new ones.

Vote 4 Me!

01.12.05 |
Added cursors to the site for you to use!

Vote 4 Me!

01.06.05 |
New Layout!

Vote 4 Me!

12.28.04 |
New Guestbook! The old one was php and I dont really like working with it so I have a new simple one.
Site Of The Month has been posted, Also there is new Glow Images & the Animated Dollz now have codes!

Vote 4 Me!

12.24.04 |
The Secret Gift Graphics have been opened.

Vote 4 Me!

12.20.04 |
Added 4 new blinkies! On the Main Enter page I have added a chat Box where you can chat with me if I am online. It will indicate whether or not I am.
I have been very busy with the holidays, that is why there hasnt been very many updates. Expect alot more after the holidays.

Vote 4 Me!

11.29.04 |
Added a 3D Blinkie Maker and also added a bunch of new pixels to the random section and a few in the others. There is also a new set of dividers.
The sites that have been approved to compete for site of the month will be posted on December 1st so if you want to enter do so soon.

Vote 4 Me!

11.27.04 |
Added a few new pixels.
I also have new sister sites, check them out!

Vote 4 Me!

11.25.04 |
Happy Thanksgiving!
There is now a Seasonal Backgrounds section, and all of the other new backgrounds have been posted.

Vote 4 Me!

11.22.04 |
You may now enter to be site of the month! The link is in the menu. Entrys must be in by December 1st!
I also added 3 fun recipes for you to try and will be adding more as I find them.

Vote 4 Me!

11.18.04 |
Moved the Blank Sig Tags to the Templates section. The next couple days im going to be working on stuff having to do with the site like rearanging some things and adding an "About The Site" page. I will have a few new backgrounds, Pixels and im also working on a new maker.

Vote 4 Me!

11.16.04 |
Added 3 Handrawns.

Vote 4 Me!

11.15.04 |
Added a Kao/Puff Maker to the Graphic Makers section. It still has some work I need to do on it but its pretty cute so far and it works fine.
Graphic Templates have been added! So far there is Glitter and Link Buttons.

Vote 4 Me!

11.14.04 |
New Layout!

Vote 4 Me!

11.11.04 |
Added some new backgrounds to the background section under page 3 and 4. Also added some new Pixels.

Vote 4 Me!

11.08.04 |
Added 16 Blank Sig Tags for you to use to make your own Sigs.

Vote 4 Me!

11.04.04 |
New Layout!

Vote 4 Me!

10.25.04 |
Added 3 more new dollmakers! The hits on the Top Site list have also been reset.

Vote 4 Me!

10.24.04 |
Added 3 new dollmakers!

Vote 4 Me!

10.22.04 |
I made 22 new pixels, they are really cute dragonflies under random in the pixels section.

Vote 4 Me!

10.21.04 |
Added about 5 handrawn dollz. Also glittered the Sweden, Egypt, and Japan flag.

Vote 4 Me!

10.20.04 |
Added 17 new dollz to the animated section.

Vote 4 Me!

10.19.04 |
Added 10 new pixels. 4 under food and 6 under random.

Vote 4 Me!

10.17.04 |
Added a new Doll Maker. It is a Bonita Ice Skater Maker.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

10.10.04 |
My computer I use to make graphics and update my site is not working right, and is not allowing me to do much with it. I will be getting a new computer within the next couple of weeks so be patient when it comes to a whole lot of new stuff. I will be updating my DVD list and thats about it for today.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

09.28.04 |
Added a report page. Expect interesting updates soon!

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

09.21.04 |
New Layout!

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

09.10.04 |
Added 2 new gifts!

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

09.08.04 |
Added a Winter/Christmas Candy Doll Maker!

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

09.05.04 |
Added a brand new handrawn dollmaker!

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

09.02.04 |
Added Snow Effects that you can use on your page. (Snow Effects can also be used in bolt profiles and in Xanga blogs)

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

09.01.04 |
Updated the DogTag Maker & My DVD list.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.18.04 |
I made a Pixel Word Maker. Its pretty cute so check it out, its under Graphic Makers. I also Added a NEW Unique DollMaker, a Bonita Prisoner Maker and a Halloween Doll Maker!

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.16.04 |
Added a NEW Candy Doll Maker! I am also working on a new Hand Made doll maker and im only about half done so it will be ahwile before that is up.
New Sister Site! Check her out at http://www.dolliestylez.com

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.15.04 |
Added a cute gift. Thanks Arenkay!

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.13.04 |
Added 8 new backgrounds & 5 new animated dollz. What kind of Quizes would you like me to add??

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.11.04 |
You can now download fonts from my site! Check out the fonts page. There is about 27 new fonts! Also added a new advertising section.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.09.04 |
CLICK HERE to join Me and a friend of mine's Msn group to request personalized Sigs.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.07.04 |
Im going to be making more quizes, What kind would you like to see?
ALL Backgrounds now have codes!!! I hope you all enjoy them because it has takin awhile to do this. I will soon be adding themed pages for different types of backgrounds.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.05.04 |
Added 4 Premium Xanga Skins & 17 New Uniques.
The form is back up on the Button Wall for people who want to add their site to it.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.04.04 |
Changed the "Link Me" Codes so that there is no border when you use them. Also fixed the Clique Codes so that you dont have to upload them anymore.
I realized today I didnt have the glitter images on the same server that I had fixed, so I moved them to the working image server so all of the codes for the glitter images are working now. If you already used a code you'll have to recopy it because the address of the server changed. Also changed the Glitter Name Maker a little.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.03.04 |
Added 24 Animated Dollz.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

08.02.04 |
The codes for images should all work again now. I got more bandwith on my images server for the images with codes so they shouldnt go down again.

Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.30.04 |
Some codes for images may not work right until the end of the month. The server is being overloaded with people using the images codes.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.26.04 |
I added a new handrawn doll I drew today.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.25.04 |
I added more Enter Signs, Welcome Signs and there are 26 more dollz.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.24.04 |
I made a new topsite list, you can add your site by either clicking the "Get Hits" page or clicking the button below. Votes will be reset once a week.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.23.04 |
Added calenders! NEW sister site! Check her out. Weepys World
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.22.04 |
Added a new FAQ page.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.21.04 |
Another NEW Doll Maker and added more props to the Rainbow Unique Maker! Also added the Wales flag to the Flags page and new buttons to the Link Me page. Im currently accepting new sister sites.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.20.04 |
NEW Doll Maker! Also added Glow Sigs and they also have codes!
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.19.04 |
New Layout! There are 24 new dollz under a new doll catigory. I took down the site review page.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

07.12.04 |
*NEW Glitter Word Maker is up!!* Also added more Glitter Names, Animated Dollz and I fixed the broken link to my hand drawn dollz.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

06.15.04 |
Added HTML codes for all of the Glitter Images.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

05.13.04 |
Added a new set of puffs. There is also a Tag-Board here now.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

05.05.04 |
Added a survey to see what my visitors want more of. The content that gets the highest votes will be what I add more of next. Also added 9 new Puffs.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

05.01.04 |
Changed the layout again. Also if you look up you can see those [x]'s, if you link me and your site shows as a top referrer your site link will be placed in one. I will be adding some new graphics later today or tomarrow.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

04.29.04 |
Added a new Yahoo/MSN Icon Maker to the Graphic Makers section.
Vote 4 Me!
[1] [2] [3]

04.28.04 |
3 new blends, there is also a new set of pixels under pixels/computer.
Vote 4 Me!
04.27.04 |
Redid the pixel section and also added some new pixels.
Vote 4 Me!
04.25.04 |
Fixed alot of broken links, if you see any others let me know. :-) Hope you all are having a great weekend!
Vote 4 Me!
04.23.04 |
Changed the layout. Also added a new sig design.
Vote 4 Me!
04.10.04 |
People may now order Graphics again. Bigger selection coming soon!
04.10.04 |
I am no longer working full time so expect more updates. For those of you who have been using the glitter letters, Im sorry if the image changed. Someone was misusing them. So I would suggest not to direct link them anymore because people have been misusing them and I change the image when I see that and unfortunately when I change it, it changes for everyone who direct linked it also.
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!
03.05.04 |
Added a new page of backgrounds under the backgrounds section.
03.01.04 |
I am still working full-time so unfortunately I haven't had the chance to update the site. I will no longer be working full time in about 2-3 weeks so expect a big update then. Sorry for the delay in new content and thank you for continuing to visit the site!
01.26.04 |
I added a few V-Day graphics I will try and get some more up within a few days.
01.22.04 |
Added a Stamps page. They are fun to collect and use them to link people, or use as cute stamps on emails or your site. I will start puttin V-Day graphics up by tomorrow or the next day. Hope you all are having a good week!
01.21.04 |
I rearranged the Makers and put the Doll Makers and Graphic Makers on their own pages. Ill add more things soon. Expect V-Day graphics.
01.06.04 |
Added 9 new Qoutes and 2 new Glitter Images.
01.04.04 |
Hope you all had a good new year. Sorry about the lack of updates but I have been really sick and hardly on the computer at all lately. I went to the hospital 2 days ago and im feeling alot better now. Expect a few new things because I was working on quite a few new things before I got sick and plan to have them up soon.
12.28.03 |
Added a new Doll Maker. It is a Rainbow Unique maker. Expect more soon!
12.18.03 |
Added the banner/3d word maker. Also added some pics to the about me section. I have to work tomarrow so dont except an update. There is about 50 new uniques, 20 new swimwear uniques and 4 new handrawns. There is a new suggestion page so please check that out and give me some ideas of what you would like to see here next. All suggestions are welcome! I want to have lots of new content by the end of the year. Just a note but I am no longer doing music codes.
12.17.03 |
I added some really cute country flags a couple days ago that I made. Ive just been orginizing the site more today so there isnt really any other updates. Be expecting a new banner maker within a few days.
12.11.03 |
Added a ton of Dollz. There is now a Wonderkins page with 55 of them. I also added a few more Christmas Graphics.
To those of you who have been adding your links to the Add-Your-Link page I am no longer putting up personal sites or profile type sites. If you added your site and are wondering why it hasnt been added it is either because you tried adding a Blog/Xanga Site or you put the wrong letter as a catigory. I find it very rude of some of you to list your site under A-B when it begins with something else. I know and you know doing that gets your site at the top, that doesnt mean being at the top will get you more hits. For example if your site begins with S List it under S. Im sure if you are smart enough to have a page you know your ABC's. From now on I will not just add it and edit the letter catigory I will just not add it at all. If your site has weird digits list it under the first letter that is in your site name. For example if the name was !*~*Sickly Graphics*~*! It would still go under S even though it has "!" at the beginning.
12.09.03 |
Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been busy with getting ready for Christmas. I changed the layout, Hope you like! I was in a hurry this morning so I will improve it later.
12.05.03 |
Added more Uniques and I updated my about me section.
12.04.03 |
Im making my own quizes now and took down the links to the ones I didnt make. There are 2 so far. Check them out, they take awhile to make. Ill be adding more soon when I get a chance.
12.02.03 |
Added more props to the Candy Maker. Also added Candys to the Doll section.
Too all of those who direct linked my Dollz, I hope you like all the little red X's that will now show up on your page. I will be renaming my directories on a regular basis from now on, so to those of you who like to direct link when you aren't supposed to, you are in for a rude awakening.
12.01.03 |
Added a new Doll Maker. Also added 12 MSN icons to the icons page.
11.30.03 |
Added the new Blinky Maker.... I also am no longer taking requests for Sparkle Names, I have tons I still need to make to catch up. Also thier is a new sister site. Check it out! I will be adding more about me, the rest of the sparkle name requests, and I am working on another doll maker.
Thank to everyone who voted for me! :-)
11.27.03 |
I made a really cool new Blinky maker but im not putting it up until I get some votes.
11.27.03 |
Happy Thanksgiving!
I added a Blinkers page, and I added a page for you to get your site reviewed and get awards. Also the Sparkle Names have been updated and I added a new really cute Firework.
Okay someone emailed me freaking out and calling me a liar saying I didnt have a Blinkie Maker..... Its under makers at the bottom of graphics. Please check out the site thoroughly before calling me a liar. Thanks!
11.25.03 |
Added some more blinkies, a Quotes page and I added a moods page. Please vote for my site! The more votes I get the more things I will add.
11.24.03 |
Changed the layout and I have a new sister site! Check her out!
11.21.03 |
I added Sparkle Sigs. They are like the Glitter names except they are sparkles. Also changed the menu layout.
11.20.03 |
I am now looking for sister sites!!! Just click on Sister Sites under "Site".
I added a Gifts page and I also added some Christmas Graphics and a neat gift on the same page. I will add more later. Also added 4 new dividers and lots of dollz including 3 new catigories.
11.19.03 |
I made a Raver Maker you can also adopt it. There is some wallpaper up but it is kinda blurry so I will put them in zip files later. There is also 6 new backgrounds.
11.16.03 |
A few backgrounds have been removed because I just noticed I had been using a few bmp files and they take up more bandwidth then necessary. Also if you have been using the butterfly firework prior to today a banner will show up about direct linking, just ignore that and get the new code under it. It seems people think just because I allow people to direct link through the use of fireworks they think its okay just to direct link the image. NOPE. Also the rules have been slightly revised because I wanted to make them a little more understandable to those who don't comprehend them too well. If you have not read them please do so before using anything on my site. I will be adding more backgrounds and wallpaper later today! Halloween graphics will be coming down later and replaced with Thanksgiving, Hannakah and Christmas graphics.
11.14.03 |
Added 26 uniques to the Dollz page.
11.13.03 |
New layout is up.
11.12.03 |
Okay ive just been making some dollz, I have been kinda drawing a blank on what new to add, so if you have any ideas let me know. Im working on a couple things ill have up soon. Laterz!
11.09.03 |
Hey everyone! I will be adding some more things shortly! Also new contest will soon be up!
11.05.03 |
Added a Bratz Maker that you can also adopt.
11.05.03 |
Added a website tips page to the Help page. I also made a Dog-Tag Maker. Its under makers. You can see an example of a Dog-Tag I made in it above the updates box. You may also adopt the maker to use on your site. Just use the codes on the main Makers page. Have Fun!

11.04.03 | Added a Unique Doll Maker, you can also adopt it to use on your site, I also made the Blinkie Maker adoptable. Have Fun!
11.02.03 | Im back!! Hope everyone enjoyed thier weekend! I added 5 new dividers and a glitter word maker, it is with the other makers. There is only one color and 2 different fonts to choose from but I will be making as many colors and fonts as I can shortly. Hope you all enjoy! You can all now leave comments in my update box....So please leave feedback!
10.31.03 Hope you all have a fun and safe halloween!!! I added backgrounds with codes today, They are under Site Graphics. I also added a free for all links page for you to add your site link to. I wont be here again until Sunday because im going out of town. So I will see you all then!
Contests for prizes, Glitter maker, A Clique website for people to join who want more site traffic and to make friends who also make sites like yours, and many other things. Music codes will soon be gone for good, I will post more about that on sunday! Laterz!
Dont forget to sign the guestbook or fill out the form below to give me some feedback, and like always Please VOTE FOR ME! The links are on the enter page. Thanks!
10.29.03 Added 19 new mini clocks and over 100 new pixels I made awhile ago that I am just now making available to everyone. More backgrounds are coming also.
10.29.03 Added a Cliques page. They are really fun to join, ive just started so there isnt much to it yet but there will be shortly. Is my layout loading weird for you? If it is please fill the form out below or email me and let me know because for some reason my computer sometimes loads it funny, but my computer really sucks so it could be just that. I also put up a new guestbook so please sign it before you leave. Have a good day!
10.28.03 Added 10 new blinkies. There is a new page for icons, i added over 100 of them so go check them out. Right now all the the icons are 30 by 30 pixels, perfect for those of you that use bolt.
10.27.03 Two V.I.P's added, I also put some button templates up for people who would like to be added to the button wall. I got an email asking about making a blinkie maker. Well there already is one under makers, so check it out. I will be making another one soon but just wanted to let you know there is one here.
10.26.03 I am working on some new content it will be up within the next few days. Other than that I am working on a new layout it will probally be up sometime later today. I have never really been a big fan of halloween so I am changing it to something new. Sorry I had to start charging for personalized glitter names but I get too many requests for them and my site costs me alot of money to maintain so if you would like to keep most of my site free please support that. I will soon be making a maker that you can make your own glitter names with however it wont be as good as one would be if you ordered one but it will still be neat. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Laterz
10.20.03 Added 34 new glitter names. Also added 2 pages to get custom graphics for blinkies and glitter names.
10.19.03 I added two new tagboards. The tagboard code on all of them is a bit different now, so if you are using one currently please update your codes. However They still look pretty much the same.
Remember I am not taking requests for glitter names anymore. I am only doing Common FIRST names only.
10.16.03 I added about 50 new names to the glitter names. I got about 110 requests for names. Sorry if I did not get your name up but please remember I am ONLY doing first names. I am not doing nicknames, slang names, middle or last names and things such as "sara loves bob". This is because I post them on the site for everyone to use and if it is a personal nick name your the only one that will be able to use it. I also tried my best to use the font and color you requested but once again there was so many it was kinda hard to get the font exactly right. It took forever just to do them all the way I did. Check back for a section where you can get a totally customized ones, but that wont be for probally another week. I also added 10 more snowglobes.
10.16.03 I added snowglobes, there are 3 of them so far. I also added a separate page for Glitter Names. There are a ton of new names. Check and see if I have yours, if I dont then use the form on the glitter name page to request your name. I only do first names now, please no slang names or odd nicknames.
10.15.03 I added a bunch of new glitter images and a few new pixels. I am also no longer taking glitter name requests unless it is a first name. (no nicknames). I have a new sister site YAY! Her name is Drea.
10.14.03 Added 3 new update boxes and some pixels. I will soon be ending glitter name requests because I need to work on the site more and I dont have time for both. Id say another week or so and I will no longer take requests. I am going to be making more glitter images tonight hopefully I will get them up by tomarrow. If there is any type of glitter image that isnt custom you would like to see on my page, let me know and ill see what I can do.
10.10.03 Added a Forum/Message Board! Please check it out and join. It was just created today. The link is above and also in the menu. Have fun!
10.09.03Added Glitter Images. They are really cute go check them out. I just did them tonight. I also added more glitter words, they are on the second page of "Glitter Words" just click on next. Most of the new ones are names.
10.08.03New layout is up! The other one just didnt fit my site very well. I really love rainbows so I made this one. I still need to make the rest of the pages match. Let me know what you think!
10.06.03 I added Glitter Words. I made them ahwile back and decided to put them up. You can also request one if you would like. But read the page before you do. Laterz!
10.06.03 I removed my large page of blinkie adoptions. It seems many people have found the need to direct link them. I have a list of all the sites that direct link and frankly there is just too many so I will no longer waste my time on it. For those of you who saved them the right way, you may email me and I will send you a username and password and the new link to them. But please use the form to email me for the new location and please also send your site URL. Within the next few days I will be working on another maker and getting a few more dollz up. I will also be posting some site graphics for you. Hope yall like the halloween ones that I have put up so far. There will be a new layout soon! I dont know but I get bored fast. I have an idea what I am going to do with it but dont worry the site wont be down for any amount of time when I change layouts.
10.05.03 I added a new blinkie maker, its in under makers. Go check it out. The Halloween graphics I made for yall are also up. They are under Graphics on the menu in Halloween.
10.03.03 My moniter went out yesterday so I have not been able to add anything. I was working on a blinkie maker. I will have a new moniter tonight after I go shopping so in the next few days ill have a blinkie maker up. Also I have made some Halloween graphics which I mentioned in my last update that I will upload and put up as soon as I can use my own computer again. If you have any questions or comments please email me. Laterz!
10.02.03I added a Doll Maker! I spent like 6 hours drawing the bases and clothes for it so I Hope yall like it. I also added some yonas to the doll pages. There is also some dollz I put up on my new page for dollz I adopt. They are really cute go check them out. Ill add more stuff later. I will also be adding some Halloween graphics for you all to use on your pages. Laterz!
9.29.03Added Bronas And Darlings. They are in Dollz.
9.28.03I added some Hand Drawn Dollz That I did. Check them out and tell me what you think. I also added a "Link Me" page so you can link me easier and the fireworks are up.
9.27.03New layout is up. I got too many emails from people yesterday saying the layout looked too "Kiddish". So Im using the old one for a blog of mine. I like the new one better its not as childish. Anyways Ill add some things tomarrow morning. Laterz!
9.26.03I added new Enter Signs & Welcome Signs. I also made an adopted Blinkies site, the link to it is in the Blinkies page. Hope you all like my site so far. I will be trying add things daily.
9.25.03 I added update boxes and Tag-boards. There is still a few things im going to put up but im sorta burnt out from working on the site for 4 days strait only getting a few hours of sleep so i will be adding things slower now. I will have alot of the site graphics up by tomarrow afternoon. Laterz!
9.24.03YAY!! My NEW layout is up. I know alot of the stuff that was here before isnt anymore but I promiss it will be soon. I will be finishing most it by tomarrow. I have slept about 8 hours total in the past 4 or 5 days, So I need to take a break for a few hours and get some sleep. By Tomarrow I will have new Tagboards, Update Boxes, Fireworks, and I will have most of the site graphics up. Also I will finish the rest of the pages on the site that i only started. Well I hope you all like the new layout and please sign the NEW guestbook. Laterz!
P.S. If you want to go to the content on my old site go through *** and it will take you to the old music codes page and you can go to the other pages though there. But all of the old stuff will be removed when I finish the stuff on the new layout. TTYL
9.23.03 Well I am still not finished and I have been working on the site for 3 days. Hopefully I will be able to move it to my new address by tomarrow or the day after. I will be adding a few things that were much better then before. Anyways thats all the updates for now. Laterz!
9.22.03 Well Today is the first day this new site has been up. Hope you all like my new page, I will have the links working very shortly along with some content. Laterz!